Hair Care with Ayurveda – Best Herbs to Use for Hair Growth

Hair Care with Ayurveda - Best Herbs to Use for Hair Growth

Every individual suffers from hair loss at a certain age, men and women alike. It can be due to age, childbirth, hormonal imbalance, side effects from a hair care product, stressors, or illness. Sometimes it is so horrible that you can see your hair strands everywhere, on a bed, on the floor, in the bathroom, at every corner of your house. 

This is when people often get frightened that they will go bald. If you also get the same feeling these days, no need to freak out! Try Ayurveda for hair growth! Ayurveda provides you with one of the best and the most effective treatments to grow your hair naturally.  

Ayurvedic hair care products are a unique combination of essential oils and herbs formulated to cater to your hair needs at the root of the problem, that is, beneath the surface. Using Ayurveda practices in your everyday hair care routine offers you incredible benefits.

It provides nourishment to your scalp, increases blood circulation to allow nutrients to reach follicles, promotes the growth of new hair, increases the volume of your hair, and a lot more. In Ayurveda, many herbs are incredibly effective in naturally stopping hair fall and promoting hair growth. Here’s the list of the seven best herbs that are great for hair growth:


Bhringraj is a natural remedy for stopping hair loss and improving hair growth. It is a traditional Indian herb also known as ‘false daisy.’ It modulates the hair follicles growth cycle by increasing the blood flow in the scalp, which further activates hair roots and follicles to induce hair growth. 


Do you remember the days when your grandmother used to give you shikakai to wash your hair? Shikakai is an excellent alternative to chemical shampoo products. It has unmatched hair-cleansing properties, making it a natural replacement for chemical-based shampoos.


This Ayurvedic herb has been named after the God Brahma. It has excellent redeeming qualities for improving your hair health; this is why it is an essential ingredient in almost every ayurvedic hair oil available on the market. It prevents hair loss, makes your hair healthier and thicker. You can apply it to your scalp and hair directly in the form of oil or a paste.


Though henna is famous as a natural hair dye, it also improves your hair growth and provides shine and sheen to your hair. If you are dealing with alopecia, henna can be beneficial for you; because studies reveal that henna has the property of reducing androgen levels in your body and thus inducing hair growth.


Also known as ‘reetha’ or ‘soap nuts’, it is an excellent alternative for people with sensitive scalp or skin. When used regularly, Aritha adds luster to your hair, nourishes your hair follicles and scalp, cleans and cools your scalp. Plus, amla comes with natural antibacterial properties that help fight infections. 


Holy basil, known as ‘tulsi’, is a fragrant herb available in almost every Indian household. It helps treat itchy scalp and hair loss problems caused by hormonal imbalance or dandruff. Oil produced using fresh and aromatic basil leaves provides stronger hair follicles. 


This is again a very popular herb of Ayurveda for hair growth available in every kitchen. It is known as Indian gooseberry and is a rich source of Vitamin C, polyphenols, and antioxidants that promote hair growth and strengthen your hair. It is very effective in reducing hair breakage and fall. Plus, it also makes your hair softer and shinier. 

Besides these seven herbs, there are a few herbs like fenugreek seeds, lavender, jatamansi, ginseng, etc., that are very effective in improving the health of your hair. 

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