Henna for Hair: Easy Steps to Get Gorgeous Hair

Henna for Hair: Easy Steps to Get Gorgeous Hair

Considering the recent surge in the number of people coloring their hair, it seems like hair dying or highlighting is the latest trend. However, it’s not true! People have been doing hair coloring since the time of yore. 

Yes, you read it right! In ancient times, people used to apply plant-based natural dyes like henna for hair dyeing. Back then, people used the leaves of henna, but today by your good fortune, henna is available in powdered form. 

Henna is the most famous natural dye used worldwide by men and women alike, and it isn’t without reason. Besides being a great ingredient to dye your hair naturally, it also conditions, strengthens, and nourishes the tresses from deep within. Read on and learn how to apply henna powder to your hair.

How to apply henna?

Preparation for application

To begin with, get fresh henna for hair, mix it with water, and stir it until it combines well and you get a thick but spreadable consistency. Now before applying henna, make sure your hair is clean. Wash your hair with your regular shampoo thoroughly and make your hair free from dirt, oil, or styling products (if any). 

Once you are done, towel dry or air dry your hair. Remember not to apply conditioners because conditioners contain oils that prevent henna from penetrating your follicles properly. Now it’s time to protect your hairline. So take some coconut oil or petroleum jelly on your fingertips and apply it to your hairline, including your forehead, neck, and ears. 

Applying Henna

Before you start applying henna, comb, and part your hair to make sure there is no knot. Take about 2-inch broad small sections from the topmost layer of your hair and apply the paste from root to tips evenly. 

When you have completed a part, twist it to create a bun and secure it on the top of your head. Likewise, create multiple sections and apply henna all over your scalp. 

Setting and rinsing

After applying henna to all sections, take a shower cap or a plastic wrap to wrap your hair. Wrapping your hair will keep the henna warm and moist. Remember, warmer henna, better the conditioning, and coloring it provides. 

It would take about three hours for henna to set, and the longer you keep it, the deeper the color you will get. When henna is completely dried, start rinsing it. Flip your hair down, moisten the henna with warm water, and rub your hair gently until the water runs clear. 

It will take time because it is difficult to remove when henna gets dried. But be patient and continue rinsing to wash off all henna from your hair.  

Here are some key benefits of henna for hair

Heena boosts hair growth: It is widely known that henna promotes faster hair growth. You can use the powdered henna to prepare an essential oil for your hair that boosts hair growth and nourishes your follicles.

Henna helps control hair fall: Henna is a great natural ingredient that helps balance the pH levels of your scalp, regulates the production of sebum, and unclogs the pores. All these natural properties of henna help reduce hair fall and boost hair growth. 

Henna works as a conditioner for your hair: Henna is an excellent natural conditioner. When you apply henna to your hair, it is always recommended to apply it all across your hair from root to tip because this way, henna will cover each hair strand and build a protective layer that safeguards against damage.

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