The Surprising Health Benefits of Moving Home

As you might have heard, moving home can be a stressful experience. A recent survey found it is more stressful than a relationship breakdown, divorce, or starting a new job. As a result, you might think twice about moving to a brand-new property. However, it could be one of the best decisions you make for your wellbeing.

Despite the initial physical and emotional stress, moving to a new property can improve your physical and mental health. If you’re undecided on whether to put your home up for sale, check out the surprising health benefits of moving home.

A Better Memory

It might surprise you to learn that moving home can have a positive effect on the brain. According to research from the University of New Hampshire, people over 65 years old could recall five memorable experiences between 40 to 60 years old, and 26% of the moments they could remember revolved around their house moves.

As a house move was a significant reference point, it helped them recall other moments throughout their lives. Therefore, relocating to a new address will likely be one of the most memorable moments of your life.

Less Financial Worries

If you own your current home, you could walk away from a house sale with more financial security. By receiving a greater return on your investment, you could pay off your new home at a faster rate and enjoy a large nest egg once you reach retirement age. You could experience fewer financial worries throughout your life, too, which will improve your feeling of security.

Look for ways to protect your bank balance during a move and maximize its resale value. For example, you could sell your property as soon as possible for its maximum value by decluttering each room and moving the items into a self-storage facility, such as at these cheap Dallas storage unit locations. Also, you should fix any issues, strip back your interior, and make a few clever upgrades to give your home the wow factor. 

Fewer money worries will not only make you feel happier, but it will lower your stress levels and prevent the development of anxiety or depression.

A Healthier Social Life

Various studies have found socializing can protect a person’s mental health. In addition to banishing loneliness, mixing with others can increase a sense of happiness, sharpen memory, improve cognitive skills, and prevent the development of depression.

As moving to a new neighborhood or city will introduce you to new people and settings, you could form new friendships and enjoy an improved social life. As a result, you can improve your wellbeing and decrease the likelihood of developing a mental health disorder.

An Improved Quality of Life

Moving to a new home could improve your quality of life. For example, a more spacious, bright, and airy home will allow you to relax each day and enjoy more freedom across the property. What’s more, ample space could help you use your downtime healthily, as you could turn a spare room or garage into a home gym, a quiet office space, or a craft room. It could support your mental or physical health each day, which can lead to a happier lifestyle.

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